We reflect peaceful, creative, intuitive information imposed by our geography embracing cultures of thousand years to our genes and soul in every aspect of our lives. 


In the pursuit of the cycle going from the non-existence towards existence and again towards non-existence we see our job as a way of reflecting ourselves. 


We feel production as being a part of the nature and again feel design as experiencing the unique diversity of that nature.


We do more than just producing a pair of trousers but we do also design the ways on which that trousers walk on, the planes it gets on, high-speed trains, house of residence, workplace offices, coffee of break times, dinners shared with friends and to remain as it is until it returns to the hanger. , 


We think how it could be a part of the body it shares and how it can reflect its spirit.


We have realized our experience acquired in all components of the fashion industry over twenty years with a business plan targeting "to be self-renewing" and that can plan the future in harmony with the present. Currently we serve as the creative partner of many national and international brands.   

Instead of just existing with its manufacturer identity in the growing apparel retail sector, our company prefers to be a creative part of the related processes of business partners about the product and located itself at the corner of intersection of "Industry and Design". We present all these acquisitions and objectives of becoming self-renewing with our motto "WE CAN DO".


We serve at an indoor area of 2000 square meters with 120 employees.  70% of our employees are with us since our establishment. 


All processes of the production are realized within ourselves and we follow closely the developments of the machines about our product line.


We serve with a production capacity of 1200 pieces/day in cotton trousers group, 1400 pieces/day in classical trousers/day and in 1200 pieces/day in denim-non-denim group. 



We can logistically make distribution to the locations desired by the customer as to the warehouse or to the store We work to do the best with an experienced pattern department, creative design team, meticulous planning team and logistics team racing against time.